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8 essential pieces of security guard equipment

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Modern security guard equipment is designed to help security professionals complete their job to the highest possible standard. These 8 pieces of gear are essential for any security guard to excel at their position.

Whether you are new to the security sector or a veteran in the industry, these items are essential to be as safe and effective as possible.

The Canadian Academy of Guard Training is dedicated to providing industry-leading training and knowledge to the professionals working in the security industry.

1. Mobile Phone

As technology has advanced in recent years, it has become increasingly easier to remain in constant communication at all times.

The two-way radio or walkie-talkie remains an essential piece of security guard equipment, but cell phones allow for calls to be made to law-enforcement professionals or other important contacts easier than ever before.

Security professionals should utilize their mobile phones by pre-programming important contacts and numbers into their phones speed dial list, as well as by making use of a variety of security related apps and features available on modern-day smartphones.

2. Security Clothing

Just like any other potentially hazardous career, security professionals rely on protective personal equipment (PPE) to keep them safe while on duty.

The clothing that a security professional is required or expected to wear may differ based on the position and employer, but generally these key pieces of equipment can help make you safer while on duty.

  • Bullet-proof vest: Not every security professional will be in situations where this piece of equipment is required. However, many in the industry rely on this single piece of equipment every day to protect their lives.
  • Boots: Although a great pair of work boots may not keep you safe from bullets, they will save you over the long run as a security professional. Many security guards are expected to spend prolonged amounts of time on their feet and investing in a high-quality set of boots can save you from a life of back and leg pain.
  • High-visibility clothing: As a security professional, you should stand out from the general public. Distinguishing yourself from the public will make it easier for you to be called upon when there are issues requiring a security professionalā€™s attention. This can vary depending on your position, however.

3. Less-Lethal Weapons

Protecting yourself and the general public is the most important task for any security professional.

To do this, you may be required to carry less-lethal weapons such as pepper spray or a baton. These weapons should only be used in the direst circumstances when their use cannot be avoided. It is important to receive proper training to know how to use these pieces of equipment.

It is also important to understand other techniques which can successfully de-escalate situations prior to resorting to less-lethal weapons.

The Canadian Academy of Guard Trainingā€™s in-depth security program teaches proper de-escalation techniques and principles of de-escalation.

4. Pen and Paper

Although technology has made amazing strides in recent years, there is still no substitutes for the classics.

A pen and paper is a security professionalā€™s most useful and most reliable piece of equipment. Throughout your daily duties it is important to take notes and write about anything that stands out in any way for later review by yourself and/or supervisors.

A number of companies sell notebooks and pens specially designed for individuals in careers such as security or journalism which are designed to fit into your pocket and be extremely reliable.

A voice recorder may also be useful if you are not a fan of physical note taking.

5. Security Flashlight

You may be under the impression there is no reason to invest in a more expensive flashlight, but as a tool of your trade, it is important to have a high-quality flashlight which you donā€™t have to worry about breaking.

You will use this piece of equipment on a daily basis so it is worth it to invest the money into a higher-end device that will last you for years to come.

It is also important to always maintain a ready-to-go backup flashlight in case of emergencies.

6. Belt

No, we donā€™t mean as a fashion accessory. Your job will require you to carry a number of items on your person at all times ā€“ this could be your pen and paper, flashlight, pepper spray, handcuffs or a number of other various security-related tools.

A proper security-belt will allow you to keep all of these items on your person, in an easily accessible area, ready to be used at a momentā€™s notice.

Being able to reach these items quickly can make a huge difference when it comes to high-intensity situations.

7. Computer

A laptop computer is an essential tool for security professionals. Depending on the type of security work you are doing, your access and need of a laptop may vary, however; they are extremely useful instruments for staying up to date with important information and communication.

Your employer may provide you with a laptop or desktop computer to use while on duty, or it may be expected of you to have access to your own personal computer depending on the employer.

8. First Aid Kit

This may be the most important tool of the trade for a security professional. You should be equipped to deal with an emergency at a momentā€™s notice.

Although you are not a first responder, as a security professional you may be the first on-scene responder when incidents occur, and as such you should be well equipped with knowledge of how to deal with emergency situations and the correct first aid materials to deal with those scenarios.

The equipment you use as a security professional will vary greatly depending upon the exact nature and location of your work. These 8 pieces of equipment are extremely common tools of the trade used by security professionals across the world.

The Canadian Academy of Guard trainingā€™s online courses will teach you to properly implement security knowledge and equipment to the best of your ability.

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